Mosquito Lagoon Fly Fishing Guide

          Backcountry Fly and Light Tackle Sportfishing

"Specializing in Fly Fishing for Redfish on the Mosquito Lagoon"


     “Alaska, for pacific salmon and wild trophy rainbow trout

                                    (summer season)


   Cell # 321-544-2497 / Home # 321-267-9818

      or Email to:

       Permitted professional fishing guide for 

             Canaveral National Seashore

      Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge               

                  and the State of Alaska


      USCG Licensed Master / Lifetime Waters

All Inclusive / Personal Service for over 25 years


These hours are basically a guideline, I try to work around the fish. Sometimes we may have to stay a little longer if you’ve got the time (can’t tell you how many times the fish “go off ” in that 11th hour). 

                       1/2 day (4hrs) $350.00

                       3/4 day (6hrs) $450.00

                      Full day (8hrs) $550.00

1 or 2 anglers/all inclusive

multi-boats can be arranged


    "Thanks for stopping by, hope we can hook up!"


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